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BELOW:: 2018 Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Award recipients with our 2019 Laureates
James A. Dosman MD, Connie J. Eaves PhD, Beth Burden and Caroline Mentha representing their grandfather the late G. Brock Chisholm MD, Naranjan S. Dhalla PhD, Rémi Quirion PhD and Jacalyn Duffin MD PhD



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2019 Program and Application Details

Laureates of the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame cite qualities such as perseverance, collaboration and an entrepreneurial spirit as contributors to their success as national and world health leaders. Supported by our donors, the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Award seeks to recognize medical students who demonstrate these qualities and show outstanding potential as future leaders and innovators of health care in Canada.The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Award recognizes medical students who demonstrate these qualities and show outstanding potential as future leaders and innovators of health care in Canada. Each Canadian medical school is invited to nominate one (1) medical student in 2019, completing his/her second undergraduate year of study at the time of application. 


  • Must be a medical student in good standing completing the second year of study (or ready to begin clerkship in the case of three year programs)
  • Demonstrated leadership through school involvement and community-based volunteer projects or extracurricular activities
  • Superior interpersonal and communication skills
  • Academic excellence with a demonstrated interest in advancing knowledge

Value and Terms of the 2019 Award

  • Each Award has a cash value of $5,000
  • Recipients receive a complimentary ticket and economy return travel to the 2020 Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Friday, April 17, 2020, hosted in association with the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC concurrent with the opening weekend of CCME.
  • The CMHF is committed to the career development of our Award recipients and will make every effort to connect them to our Laureates, board members or friends of the CMHF


  • Application forms are available from the office of Undergraduate Medical Education at each Canadian medical school (application form is not available through the CMHF)
  • Deadline for students to submit an application package: Friday, May 31, 2019 
  • Following review of all applicants, the Dean of Medicine will submit the nomination of one candidate for this Award to the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame by Friday, July 12, 2019. Applicants will be notified by their medical school if their nomination has been put forth.
  • Nominations received will be reviewed and ratified by the CMHF board of directors
    • If funding is secured for fewer than 17 awards, the CMHF board will undertake to select an equivalent number of recipients as funds secured
  • Successful recipients will be formally notified by the CMHF by August 16, 2019
  • A formal announcement will be published by September.
  • Recipients will provide a written CMHF Award Report in August 2020, outlining details of his/her progress and achievements that year. This report will be shared with Award donors.








To find out more about how you can become a CMHF Award donor, please contact hsercombe [at] (Heather Sercombe) (519.488.2003, ext. 6115).       

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