Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

Canada Post Introduces Medical Ground Breakers Stamp Series

September 17, 2020

On September 14th, Canada Post issued a set of five commemorative stamps celebrating six groundbreaking physicians and researchers: Drs. Bruce Chown, Julio Montaner, Balfour Mount, M. Vera Peters, James Till and Ernest McCulloch. Their contributions to the fields of pediatric pathology, HIV/AIDS, palliative care, oncology and stem cell science changed the practice of medicine in Canada and around the world.

Bruce Chown, MD (1995 CMHF Laureate) was one of the few world leaders in eliminating rhesus (Rh) disease, once a major cause of newborn deaths. Research led by Julio Montaner, MD (2015 CMHF Laureate) has helped transform HIV/AIDS into a manageable condition with a near-normal life expectancy and has markedly reduced HIV transmission. Balfour Mount, MD (2018 CMHF Laureate), considered the father of palliative care in North America, founded the world's first comprehensive palliative care service based in a teaching hospital. M. Vera Peters, MD (2010 CMHF Laureate) revolutionized treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma and breast cancer in an era when the work of female physician scientists was not often acknowledged. James Till, PhD (2004 CMHF Laureate) and Ernest McCulloch, MD (2004 CMHF Laureate) transformed the world's understanding of tissue renewal by establishing the foundations of stem cell science. 

This issue salutes these remarkable individuals and the many other health care professionals, scientists and technologists who have devoted their lives to creating a healthier world – including those working tirelessly to develop diagnostics, treatments and preventions to help end the current COVID-19 pandemic.

View videos of each of the six medical groundbreakers who made historic inroads in the fields of pediatric pathology, HIV/AIDS, palliative care, oncology and stem-cell science.