Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

Farewell to Claude Roy

July 6, 2015

 'A founder, godfather, spirit … of pediatric gastroenterology'

 Dr. Claude Roy
 Laureate and former CMHF board chair
October 21, 1928 – July 2, 2015 

View Dr. Roy’s tribute video and biosketch from our 2000 Induction Ceremony.


“He was a powerful voice for the role and the place of the clinician scientist in the modern academic health centres.” - Dr. Henry Friesen, 2001 Laureate, Former President, Medical Research Council of Canada


“He has trained more leaders in the field than anyone else I can name. And these people who are now leaders in gastroenterology, are leaders in Canada, leaders in the United States, leaders in Switzerland, Belgium, France – worldwide.” - Dr. Richard Deckelbaum, Director, Institute of Human Nutrition, Columbia University


“It’s quite clear that the research virus has integrated into my genome, and it’s an addiction, and it’s not curable.”  - Dr. Claude Roy (said with laughter)

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