Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

Giving that Grows - A Lasting Legacy

Planning a Legacy

A planned legacy gift is a charitable donation that is arranged during your lifetime, but not available to the beneficiary until sometime in the future upon your death.  


  • This forward-thinking, thoughtful act offers financial benefits during your lifetime or to your estate, allowing you to achieve your philanthropic goals and ultimately make a transformative difference to the charitable work most meaningful to you.
  • Considering the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame in your estate planning helps us to continue our work for years to come, creating role models for future generations of Canadian health leaders and change makers.
  • Choosing how to create your legacy is a very personal decision. Legacy giving is an opportunity to give thanks to the past and contribute in a meaningful way that will benefit generations to come.
  • Your gift today shows your commitment to the future of health care in Canada.


There are six common options for leaving a planned legacy gift. Each has its own merits, and each qualifies for tax benefits, either for you during your lifetime or for your estate at the time of your death. Planning your estate today can help to ensure your retirement needs are met and that loved ones are adequately provided for after your death.


Wills and Charitable Bequests

Life Insurance

Gift of Securities

Charitable Gift Annuity

Charitable Remainder Trusts


For a downloadable PDF of all Planned Giving options, please click HERE 


"All of us, if we are reasonably comfortable, healthy and safe, owe immense debt to the past. There is no way, of course, to repay the past. We can only pay those debts by making gifts to the future." 

- Urban writer and activist,
Jane Jacobs, OC O.Ont


Please Note: The information provided is general in nature and should not be considered as professional legal/financial planning advice. With all planned gifts, before making final decisions discuss your gift intentions with your family and seek independent professional advice to ensure your financial and philanthropic goals are considered, your tax situation reviewed and your planned gift is tailored to your personal circumstances.