Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

Health Heroes Everywhere

At the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame we recognize and celebrate Canadian heroes whose work has advanced health. 

At times like these, we are reminded that there are #HealthHeroesEverywhere

  • on the front lines

  • in labs

  • in grocery stores

  • in airports

  • in factories

they are people who are

  • delivering and stocking goods

  • donating blood

  • delivering essential services

  • voluntarily helping others

  • helping us stay connected

  • actively communicating accurate and helpful information

  • caring for the children of others so parents who must, can go to work

- and the list goes on and on and on

Help us call out the health heroes among us  - everyday people doing amazing things in these extraordinary times

  • health professionals doing their jobs amidst the hecticness and stress of uncertainty

  • government and policy makers taking necessary steps to help us all

  • people managing assessment centres

… again, the list goes on and on and on