Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

“He had a keen intellect and curiosity that ultimately advanced medicine.”

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1995 Inductee

Bruce Chown, MD

November 10, 1893, Winnipeg, Manitoba
July 3, 1986
MD - The University of Manitoba
The son of a pioneer Manitoba surgeon (Dr. Henry H. Chown, 1859-1944), Dr. Bruce Chown was born in Winnipeg and received his MD from the University of Manitoba in 1922. He spent the next three years at Columbia, Cornell and Johns Hopkins Universities where he completed his specialty training in Pediatrics. Returning to Winnipeg, Dr. Chown became a pathologist at the Children's Hospital and devoted his career to understanding and treating erythroblastosis fetalis, caused by a fetal blood factor commonly known as the Rh factor. He subsequently set up a facility along with Connaught Laboratories to manufacture Rh immune serum. Rh immunoglobulin was licensed in 1968 and Dr. Chown's work resulted in the prevention of the vast majority of potential Rh disease in Canada and elsewhere in the world. Dr. Chown is remembered as an expert clinician, diagnostician, innovator and teacher.