Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

“He used his diplomatic skills to establish a foundation of research excellence.”

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2001 Inductee

John Bradley, MD

October 21, 1917 Sarnia, Ontario
March 22, 2004
MD - The University of Alberta
After serving in the Medical Branch of the RCAF for three-and-a-half years during the Second World War, Dr. John Bradley co-founded the Wainwright Medical Clinic in Alberta, where he practiced medicine until 1960. He then entered the field of Health Services Administration where he worked to provide Albertans with an efficient medical delivery system long before universal medical care came to Canada.

From 1964 to 1972, Bradley held the position of Executive Director of the Glenrose Provincial Hospital, which he developed into a major resource for the treatment of handicapped and emotionally disturbed children, and subsequently served as Chairman of the Alberta Hospital Services Commission.

In 1977, Premier Peter Lougheed, who was in the process of creating the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, appointed Dr. Bradley as his Special Advisor on Medical Research. In this office, Dr. Bradley was able to use his long experience and diplomatic skills to fashion an institution of national and international research excellence. In 1972, Dr. Bradley was awarded an Honorary LL.D. by the University of Alberta. Dr. Bradley and The Honourable Peter Lougheed were jointly nominated and inducted into The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame. View the video that was produced to honour them both at our 2001 Induction Ceremony.