Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

“He realized the importance of research in improving the lives of Canadians.”

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2004 Inductee

The Honourable Marc Lalonde

July 26, 1929, Ile Perrot, Quebec
MA - Université de Montréal and Oxford University
As the Minister of National Health & Welfare (1972-1977), Marc Lalonde received international recognition as the co-author of "A New Perspective on the Health of Canadians". Considered a masterpiece in Health Care Policy, his publication challenged traditional views about health and urged policy makers to consider the environmental and behavioural risks threatening the health of Canadians. Today, the four cornerstones of health identified in the document - human biology, environment, lifestyle and health care organization – are integral to the development of health promotion policies worldwide. Lalonde realized the importance of research in maintaining and improving the health of Canadians, and under his enlightened leadership, national research programs flourished.

In 1988, Lalonde received the World Health Organization Medal for his exceptional contribution to health policy, and in 2002, he was selected by the Pan America Health Organization as one of eleven Public Health Heroes who have shaped the past 100 years of international public health. The Honourable Marc Lalonde was appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1989.

The Honourable Marc Lalonde and Dr. Maurice LeClair were jointly nominated and inducted into The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame. View the video which was produced to honour them both at the 2004 Induction Ceremony.