Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

“He was widely loved and was a source of inspiration.”

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1998 Inductee

Ray Farquharson MD

August 4, 1887, Claude, Ontario
June 1, 1965
MD - The University of Toronto
Dr. Ray Farquharson is widely remembered as a strong role model and source of inspiration for hundreds of medical students and colleagues. His own personal research saw him discover the "Farquharson Phenomenon", which tracks the secretory activity of a hormone-producing organ. However, it was Farquharson's inquisitive mind and belief in research that made him so instrumental in the formation of the Medical Research Council.

Ray Fletcher Farquharson entered medical school at the University of Toronto in the fall of 1917 and left in the spring of 1918 to enlist as a gunner in the Canadian Field Artillery. His artillery career was brief, as he was recalled from the army to resume his medical studies. Farquharson graduated in 1922.

As a member of the Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation, Farquharson chaired a committee that advocated the development of a separate medical research council. As a result of the 1958 Farquharson Report, the Medical Research Council was established in 1960. Farquharson was the President until his death in 1965. During Farquharson's long career he received honour and acclaim from governments and universities. He received the Coronation Medal and for outstanding service during the war, Member of the Order of the British Empire.