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Six Canadian medical heroes are inducted annually to the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame. Their work may be a single meritorious contribution or a lifetime of superior accomplishments. Pioneers in their field, they are role models of excellence in health in Canada and the world.

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Laureate Selection Committee - September 2020

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Maude Abbott MD* (1994)    

Albert Aguayo MD (2011)

Oswald Avery MD* (2004)



Elizabeth Bagshaw MD* (2007)

Sir Frederick Banting MD* (1994)

Henry Barnett MD* (1995)

Murray Barr MD* (1998)

Charles Beer PhD* (1997)

Bernard Belleau PhD* (2000)

Philip Berger MD (2018)

Michel G. Bergeron MD (2017)

Alan Bernstein PhD (2015)

Charles Best MD PhD* (1994)

Norman Bethune MD* (1998)

John Bienenstock MD (2011)

Wilfred Bigelow MD* (1997)

Michael Bliss PhD* (2016)

Roberta Bondar MD (1998)

John Bradley MD* (2001)

Henri J. Breault MD* (1997)

G. Malcolm Brown PhD* (2000)

John (JSL) Browne MD PhD* (1994)

Alan Burton PhD* (2010)



G. Brock Chisholm MD (2019)

Bruce Chown MD* (1995)

Michel Chrétien MD (2017)

William A. Cochrane MD (2010)

May Cohen MD (2016)

James Collip MD PhD* (1994)

Douglas Copp MD* (1994)

Max Cynader PhD (2014)



Félix d’Hérelle* (2007)

Ste Marguerite d’Youville* (2003)

Paul David MD* (2011)

Adolfo de Bold PhD (2014)

Naranjan S. Dhalla PhD (2019)

John Dirks MD (2012)

James A. Dosman MD (2019)

The Honourable Thomas Douglas* (1998)

Charles George Drake MD* (1994)

Jacalyn Duffin MD PhD (2019)

Jean Dussault MD* (2007)



Connie Eaves PhD (2019)

John Evans MD* (2000)



Ray Farquharson MD* (1998)

The Honourable Sylvia Fedoruk MA* (2009)

William Howard Feindel MD PhD* (2003)

B. Brett Finlay PhD (2018)

C. Miller Fisher MD* (1998)

John FitzGerald MD PhD* (2004)

Claude Fortier MD* (1998)

Terry Fox* (2012)

Armand Frappier MD* (2012)

F. Clarke Fraser* (2012)

Henry Friesen MD (2001)



William Gallie MD* (2001)

Jacques Genest MD* (1994)

Gustave Gingras MD* (1998)

Phil Gold MD PhD(2010)

Richard B. Goldbloom MD (2017)

Wilfred Grenfell MD* (1997)

Gordon Guyatt MD (2016)



Vladimir Hachinski MD (2018)

Antoine Hakim MD PhD (2013)

Justice Emmett Hall* (2017)

Judith Hall MD (2015)

Michael Hayden MD PhD (2017)

Donald O. Hebb PhD* (2003)

Jack Hirsh MD (2000)

James Hogg MD PhD (2010)

Charles Hollenberg MD* (2003)

David Hubel MD* (2006)

Charles Huggins MD* (2003)



Herbert Jasper MD PhD* (1995)

Harold Johns PhD* (1998)





The Honourable Wilbert Keon* (2007)

Leonora Howard King MD* (2000)



The Honourable Marc Lalonde (2004)

Bernard Langer MD (2015)

Charles Leblond MD* (1995)

Maurice LeClair MD (2004)

Heinz Lehmann MD* (1998)

The Honourable Peter Lougheed* (2001)



Walter C. Mackenzie MD* (2014)

Peter T. Macklem MD* (2012)

David MacLennan PhD* (2013)

John James R. Macleod MD* (2012)

Tak Wah Mak PhD (2009)

Pierre Masson MD* (1997)

John McCrae MD* (2015)

Ernest McCulloch MD* (2004)

John McEachern MD* (2006)

Ian McWhinney MD* (2006)

Jonathan Meakins MD* (2011)

Ronald Melzack PhD* (2009)

Maud Menten MD* (1998)

Brenda Milner PhD (1997)

Julio Montaner MD (2015)

Frederick Montizambert MD* (2001)

Balfour Mount MD (2018)

T J. (Jock) Murray MD (2014)

J. Fraser Mustard MD PhD* (2003)

William Mustard MD* (1995)


N - O

Arnold Naimark MD (2013)

C. David Naylor MD (2016)

Robert Noble PhD* (1997)

Sir William Osler MD* (1994)



Anthony Pawson PhD* (2006)

Wilder Penfield MD* (1994)

M. Vera Peters MD* (2010)



Rémi Quirion PhD (2019)



Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg MD (2018)

Allan Ronald MD (2011)

Claude Roy MD* (2013)

Ian Rusted MD* (2013)



David Sackett MD* (2000)

Robert Bruce Salter MD* (1995)

Charles Scriver MD (2001)

Hans Selye MD PhD* (2006)

Louis Siminovitch PhD (1997)

F. Estelle R. Simons MD (2017)

Duncan G. Sinclair PhD (2015)

Michael Smith PhD* (1995)

Bette Stephenson MD* (2013)

Calvin R. Stiller MD (2010)

Emily Stowe MD* (2018)



Charles Tator MD PhD (2009)

Lucille Teasdale-Corti MD* (2001)

James Till PhD (2004)

Lap-Chee Tsui PhD (2012)

Endel Tulving PhD (2007)

Sir Charles Tupper MD* (2016)

D. Lorne Tyrrell MD PhD (2011)


V - Y

Mladen Vranic MD* (2009)

Mark A. Wainberg PhD* (2016)

Ronald Worton PhD (2014)

Salim Yusuf PhD (2014)