Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

Remembering Dr. Henry Barnett

October 24, 2016

Collaborator. Builder. A giant in the field of neurology.

Dr. Henry Barnett 
February 10, 1922 – October 20, 2016

 Pictured above are Drs. Charles Leblond, Herbert Jasper, Michael Smith, Henry Barnett and
Robert Salter – at their 1995 Induction Ceremony in London, Ontario.  

 “In 1969 I was invited, with Dr. Charles Drake, to create a combined (neurology, neurosurgery) Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences at the University of Western Ontario. It flourished because of the excellent individuals we were able to attract in these two divisions, as well as the associated divisions of Neuropathology and Neuroradiology. Vibrant training programs in these four divisions were created.”
   - Dr. Barnett, commenting on his 15 year tenure as Chair of the Division of Neurology at UWO


  “… This close cooperation of neurosurgeons and neurologists and other colleagues in the neurosciences led to landmark international studies that (had) major medical and health economic impact. Drs. Barnett and Drake have been spectacularly successful in their career,
but each will readily acknowledge that neither could have achieved as much alone. ”

 - Dr. Vladimir Hachinski, then Richard and Beryl Ivey Professor and Chair,
Department of Clinical Neurologial Sciences, UWO (1994)

Induction Tribute Video HERE

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