Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

Remembering The Honourable Wilbert Keon, MD

April 8, 2019

The essence of the caring spirit in medicine.

Dr. Wilbert Keon 
May 17, 1935 – April 7, 2019


The youngest of 13 children, Wilbert Keon always knew he wanted to be a doctor.

 “He was very convinced of what he wanted – even back in his training days – so he never had any doubt in his mind, that when given the resources and the appropriated time –
he knew exactly what he wanted and he was going to do it.”
Dr. R. Roberts, Former President and CEO, University Ottawa Heart Institute


And that early vision during his residency included building an innovative cardiac facility which would become the world-renowned University of Ottawa Heart Institute


  Dr. Keon has created a rich legacy as a builder of medicine in Canada. His impact on Canadians continued as he moved from the operating theatre to the political stage


“Things in this country would be hugely different in health care if Wilbert Keon had waited and waited.”
Former Canadian Senator Michael J. L. Kirby
Then Chair, Standing Committees on Social Affairs, Science and Technology