Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

Nominate a Health Hero for Induction into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

Deadline: Second Monday in June of each year

Canadian Medical Hall of Fame laureate nominees are role models to Canadians for their work in furthering health in Canada and the world or are nominated for an achievement developed significantly during a period of residency in Canada.

Their outstanding contributions to medicine and the health sciences have led to extraordinary improvements in human health.
Their work may be a single meritorious contribution or a lifetime of superior accomplishments. Pioneers in their field, they are considered role models who inspire young Canadians to pursue careers in the health sciences.

The CMHF acknowledges health leadership to be inclusive of many professions and roles including physicians, researchers, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, policy makers - to name only a few. Nominations of Canadian individuals who meet the criteria from the many aspects of health are encouraged.

Up to six individuals may be selected for induction annually. Posthumous nominations are accepted, however only one individual may be inducted posthumously each year.

Canadian citizens from across health professions may be recognized for their work in one or more of the following categories:

Leadership in building excellence in health for Canadians and the world

This may include:

  • Excellence in health education and the development of health professionals in Canada
  • Creation or development of organizations or institutions that enabled health care improvement
  • Political leadership and/or activism that facilitated major changes in health or health care
  • Advancement of the profession or public awareness of a health issue(s) through oral and written communication expertise and media

Some of the laureates in the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame in this category include:
Dr. William Cochrane (2010), The Honourable Thomas C. Douglas (1998), The Honourable Marc Lalonde and Dr. Maurice LeClair (2004), Dr. Arnold Naimark (2013), Dr. Bette Stephenson (2013)

Leadership in health promotion, illness prevention and care

This may include:

  • Exemplary patient care over a lifetime for particularly disadvantaged, remote, or underserved populations, often denying one's own self interest and in the service of others,  thus creating a ‘legend’ of validated, amazing stories of professionalism
  • Outstanding, widely recognized contributions to public and population health and/or health promotion
  • Evidence of humanitarianism both within and outside the profession is likely prominent
  • Research may or may not be an important part of their story of accomplishment

Some of the laureates in the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame in this category include:
Dr. Leonora Howard King (2000), Dr. Wilfred Grenfell (1997), Dr. Ian McWhinney (2006), Sir William Osler (1994), Dr. Robert Salter (1995), Dr. Lucille Teasdale-Corti (2001) Prof. Michael Bliss (2016)

Leadership in research with national and international recognition for a scientific contribution

This may include:

  • Innovative ideas and hypotheses, observations and experiments of critical significance to health science; definitive clinical trials, implementation research or leading scientific advances.
  • Possibly an outstanding single discovery but more likely a lifetime of scientific endeavour with peer approval through journal publications with substantial impact
  • Likely recognized by other honorary societies such as the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, the Royal Society of Canada, The Gairdner Foundation etc.

Some of the laureates in the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame in this category include:
Dr. Henry Barnett (1995), Dr. Frederick Banting (1994), Dr. Charles H. Best (1994), Dr. Sylvia Fedoruk (2009), Dr. Harold Johns (1998), Drs. James Till and Ernest McCulloch (2004), Dr. Maud Menten (1998), Dr. Calvin Stiller (2010), Dr. Lap-Chee Tsui (2012)

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